What is love?

If you find a random person on the streets and ask them what love is, the answers you get will vary. Everyone has different opinions of what love is, wether it exists or not, or even if everyone finds it. Personally, when i think of love, i don’t relate it to the “warm and fuzzy feeling”. To me, love is something much stronger than just a feeling, love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love comes in a variety of ways, bank robbers love the thrill. Doctors love helping people, teachers love helping student achieve something new. Love isn’t just how you feel about one person, love is how you feel about life. If the one person you cannot live without walks into your life, you can tell because he amplifies everything. The passions you have, the way to view yourself and the world becomes more intense, simply because you have found the person who makes everything seem right. So ask me what love is? My answer simply is, love isn’t only a feeling. Love is what makes life make sense, and love surrounds you everyday. When you can take the love you have for someone, and use it, the world can change. Love is forever, and eternal. I believe in love at first sight, i believe that the sight of someones smile is enough to prove that you can need them forever. Truthfully, without love what do we have? Nothing, love is everywhere, love is permanent, and loving someone is the best feeling in the world. Try it, look at a complete stranger, pick out the beautiful flaws, and take a chance. You never know who you’re meant to spend your life with. Take a chance, let your hair down, smile constantly, you never know whose looking.



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Not everything always makes sense, sometimes it just feels like your swimming in a pool of your own despair. Thats the worst for me, out of no where sometimes sadness just comes and overtakes my body, sometimes theres nothing i can do. I’m not a depressed person, I’m not a sad person, usually. I’m the happiest person you’ll ever meet. Every happy person has a dark corner though. A small little corner that no one catches a glimpse of. At your happiest moments, its still there, just lurking. Now i know this makes me sound like a crazy, depressed person. but thats not true. Each day, i wake up with the intentions to make this world a better place. I wake up knowing that i can change the world. I know i can do anything, even at the highest peak in my life, my worst fear is coming crashing down. The only thing that can ease this fear is knowing that you have someone to rely on. But sometimes that isn’t the case, best friends change, friends leave, and sometimes you’re left all alone dealing with your life. Humans aren’t built that way, humans are built to have someone with them. We’re a species who doesn’t like to be alone. Personally, i can handle being alone, but there are people who mentally cannot handle it. The goal in life is to find the one person who loves and needs you, just as much as you love and need them. People spend their lives in pursuit of this love, and theres a lucky few who find it. That’s one of my main goals in life, is to be one of those lucky few. The few who light up the world, with the love that embraces them.